Pro soccer lab is an amateur sports association from Castiglione della Pescaia, headquartered in the “CasaMorino” Sports Center. In addition to programs that help children to grow athletically, we organize summer camps and individual activities for young football players who want to improve their technical and tactical abilities.

The birth of our project

Our project started in 2015, it originated from our desire to train young football players carefully following them in the development of their technical skills and their individuality. Our activities focus on teaching technical gestures, developing speed in execution, endurance in speed and helping every player with their cognitive development. Good team play can happen only if the players own the technical skills necessary to control the ball and pass it, inventiveness and quality in dribbling, speed, quick thinking and execution. The modern player deals with a version of football where time and space are fundamental concepts. Analysis, decision-making and performance of the technical gestures are skills of fundamental importance, all of this has to be performed as quickly as possible and, obviously, with effectiveness. Our dream is to create prepared and intelligent football players that can read the playing situation and act accordingly.

The “Casamorino” Sports Center

Our Sports Center is located in the Casa Mora locality, in Castiglione della Pescaia, and is provided with an 11-a-side grass pitch, named after Castiglionese’s ex captain, “Marco Nucci”, and a facility with locker rooms and offices of secretary. Within our Center you will also find a play area equipped with games for children and a relax area for parents and visitors.